Our Farm

Cookies Los Angeles is a state-of-the-art cannabis facility with the entire cultivation operation contained in our 25,000 facility.

Cookies Fam Genetics was started by Berner and grow expert Jigga with a singular purpose: to literally breed excellence.  Since the beginning they have put countless hours of hard work, dedication, passion, and love into breeding the best standard of weed possible.  Simply put, this is not simply a job or goal; this is life.  Cookies Fam Genetics sets standards all around the world for creating the most dense, concentrated, tasty, smelly, delicious herbal medicine on the planet.

Beginning March 2018,  Cookies Los Angeles will begin cultivation of rare and unique cannabis strains with essential nutrients, state of the art design, and cutting-edge technologies to produce the highest and cleanest quality cannabis products.  At the peak of potency, our flowers will be harvested and trimmed onsite to capture the finest expression of each and every plant. From seed to sale, Cookies is committed to ensuring each detail in the process is carefully executed by our passionate and experienced team members. The result is cannabis representing premium innovation in genetic breeding, years of dedication and pride, and a lifestyle dedicated to excellence.

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